Use Every Bit Of The Corn You Grow

Corn has so much more to offer than just its sweet and juicy kernels. Read on to discover the many uses for the entire plant.

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Planting Seedlings

It’s an exciting day -  you have healthy, strong seedlings with at least 4 true leaves, the sky is nice and overcast and it won’t be too hot for a couple of days. All the signs that point to one thing; It’s time to plant out your seedlings! So let’s go through a couple of... Continue Reading →

Sow Seeds Successfully

Sowing seeds has to be the most miraculous and exciting part of the entire growing process. Watching a completely perfect plant come alive from such a tiny capsule is truly a magnificent journey. But it can also feel intimidating and scary, so here are some tips to ensure that you can relax and enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Hand Pollinating Cucurbits

Cucurbits are a family of vegetables including melon, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, gourd, watermelon, luffa and squash If you find that your Cucurbits are not setting fruit and the flowers are simply falling off the plant, you might have a pollination problem. But don’t stress, there’s an easy solution and that’s hand pollination. Here’s all you... Continue Reading →

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